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Still awaiting £75 cash back offer after numerous inquiries

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Registered: ‎24-02-2019

Still awaiting £75 cash back offer after numerous inquiries

Hello all, I am not too sure if you have faced this same issue and if you have then it'll be hard to believe that you've experienced it to this extent.

I placed an order on 05/11/18 (Have kept proof of my order date via the letter through the post that confirms this and also the email I was sent) when they had the cashback event going full span, when I paid for the order I was rung a couple dats after to say that there was a problem with the order and plenty other customers had it, I obvously asked about the plusnet cashback and if it would affect this and the man said it would not and I would receive it within a couple weeks or so. I made a new account and paid again (the man refunded me my initial payment so I didn't have to pay twice), I received the router in the end.

However, it's now 24/02/19. I have made around 8 phone calls to plusnet, averaging around 40 mins on hold and even with the phone disconnecting occasionally with me then being placed back on hold, being told I'd receive it and to phone this cashback number (blackhawk network) and get plusnet to send over my details so they can process it, well I've rung plusnet twice about doing just that and the blackhawk network and still I have heard nothing, received NO emails and I am still yet to hear anything. I should add on I have also spoke to plusnet customer services TWICE now on the online chat, this is genuinely so frustrating and I honestly cannot believe how patient I've been through the amount of frustration I've felt throughout this whole ordeal just to claim something I should've been given last year! Is there ANY way at all I can properly go through making sure I will actually receive this cashback?? No one has been much help and I've been told false promises that I will receive it, I'll get a phone call the next day yet this seems to not have happened..

Would there be any proof that needs to be sent forward?? Who would I need to send it to? Really hope to hear from some of you! I'm getting a bit unhopeful after all of this, thanks.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Still awaiting £75 cash back offer after numerous inquiries

Hi @Crossty12345,


Sorry to hear that you haven't received your cashback offer and for the lack of support you have been given so far in regards to this. I've raised a cashback escalation internally to our Billing department  and expect a response within 5 working days. You can view the related support ticket on your account here


Please get back in touch if you have any questions.