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Signed up 5 weeks ago, still not connected. Normal?

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Signed up 5 weeks ago, still not connected. Normal?

I signed up and was charged 5 weeks ago and although I finally received the router over a week ago I haven't had any email or communication from Plusnet since the 28th Feb. Was told the delay was because we had two phone lines (true, 15 years ago) and they didnt know which one to use but didnt bother to tell me this or ask me!


Am getting a bit fed up to be honest as thought this company would be better than the abysmal service we've had from TalkTalk, who have failed to provide any internet at all since 31st December.

When can I expect to have internet?

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Re: Signed up 5 weeks ago, still not connected. Normal?

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Signed up 5 weeks ago, still not connected. Normal?

Hi there. Sorry to hear about the delays you've encountered.

I can see your order has completed.

Our tests are showing your router in sync to the phone line but there's no connection on our side.


Can you run through the below steps letting us know how you get on?

1. Open an internet browser and type into the address bar
2. Press the 'Enter' or 'Return' key
3. Click on 'Advanced Settings'
4. Enter the admin password, which is on the back of the router
5. Click on 'OK'
6. Click on 'Continue to Advanced Settings'
7. Click on 'Broadband'
8. Click on 'Disconnect' if necessary
9. Enter your broadband username, which is in the format of
10. Enter your broadband password, which is your account password
11. Click on 'Connect'

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 Plusnet Help Team