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Shocking wait for connection

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Shocking wait for connection

So I ordered broadband just before New year only to find out AFTER I ordered that would be a THREE WEEK wait for connection. The email said something about an engineer... So I was puzzled, the flat is a new build with separate phone and adsl lines already here, it's all set up. So I called the help line only to be told over and over that the date given can't be changed. This is unacceptable, three weeks is far to long to wait to have Internet. Not only am I disabled and rely on my connection but I need it for work and my study. Frankly, if I knew this would be the case I wouldn't have chosen this provider. I've written to the complaints dept. If they don't speed it up I'm changing providers, if you're reading this and in the same boat I recommend you do the same.
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Re: Shocking wait for connection

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