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Shifting Dates - SLA breach on Openreach side?

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Shifting Dates - SLA breach on Openreach side?


After a house move where there was a slight hiccup on setting the phone line up, I'm getting a bit miffed by the constant goalpost shifting on the fibre activation although I do suspect this is BT's fault not Plusnet's.

Both services were supposed to be activated on 1st September - instructions were crystal clear that the old phone number for the old house had to stay at the old house (it is a rented property with a direct line to the exchange and the rental contract stipulates the number must stay there), so the new house needed a new phone number with a new fibre contract.

Anyway, someone provisioned the old phone number to the new house along with ADSL, I think as part of a SIM provisioning.

So the delivery date shifted to 2nd September. Then it shifted to Friday 9th. Then Monday 12th. The lastest message says it is "due for completion on 16/09/2016 at any point up to midnight".

We've had the new phone number active for a while, so the delay is only on the fibre side. Every time I've chased this I've been told the problem is with the supplier. I assume that means it's BTOR. I have had prior experience of BTOR completely messing things up, but the constant kicking of the can down the road is fast becoming untenable.

If Openreach are responsible for this kicking-the-can-down-the-road malarkey, are they not risking breach of their own SLAs?

The new target of 12 working days would apply to 80% of all new line orders, however installations that don't need an engineer visit should be completed within two working days (source: which is two years old but does point to 2016 expectations).


UPDATE A text message has just come through saying it's active, so I'll check when I get home so consider this a question about how well BT keep to their SLAs, and how well they keep PN and its customers updated / advised on progress.