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Shambles – if you haven’t signed up then don’t!

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Shambles – if you haven’t signed up then don’t!

I signed up to Plusnet on 15/07/2018. At that time, I was a customer of another provider. I was attracted by the packages and the claim – “Switching to Plusnet is now easier than ever. Your broadband service won’t be interrupted, and in most cases, you won’t even need to contact your provider – we’ll do all the hard work for you!”. I asked to keep our telephone number for ease. 

I heard nothing from Plusnet. On Sunday 5th August my landline and broadband dropped. I assumed it was being switched over despite no contact from Plusnet. Nothing happened.

On Tuesday 7th August 2018 I contacted Plusnet customer services and spoke to [CSA Removed]. [CSA Removed] looked into it and told me Plusnet had not been informed by the supplier that the line was due to drop from previous supplier. He was very apologetic and explained the current order would now have to be cancelled and a new order raised. He said I would lose my old phone number – not happy as this means I now have to identify who has my old number and update them – schools, doctor, dentist, banks, employers, etc. Waine said the new order would take 24 hours. No mention was made of any significant delay in activating broadband. Time spent on phone – 27m 46s. 

On Wednesday 8th August my order was still being processed.

On Thursday 9th August 2018 I received an automated email saying my line would go live on 15th August 2018 and that my broadband would be progressed once that was complete. At this stage I had to by a data SIM to ensure we could still access email, etc, for work – Cost £25 for 15GB. Obviously, this isn’t suitable, or sustainable, for TV – we use NowTV.

On Wednesday 15th August 2018 I called Plusnet at 13:25 and spoke to [CSA Removed] as my line had not gone live. [CSA Removed] told me the line would be live by the end of the day and my broadband order would then be placed. Time spent on phone – 20m 46s.

At 1602 on Wednesday 15th August 2018 I updated the question on the Plusnet system to say the line was now live and asked from my broadband order to be placed.

On Thursday 16th August 2018 I called at 1807 and spoke to [CSA Removed]. I asked if my broadband order had been placed. I was informed it hadn’t. [CSA Removed] was very apologetic and said he would place the order now. He was unable to do so due to an issue with the suppliers but undertook to personally deal with the matter. He said he was working on Friday 17th August 2018. He stated he would resolve the issue and place the broadband order. He initially said the order would take up to 10 working days to go through but then revised this to 5 working days. Time spent on phone – 33m 27s.

On Friday 17th August 2018 – having again heard nothing – I contacted Plusnet at 1656 and spoke to [CSA Removed]. Not unsurprisingly [CSA Removed] hadn’t kept to his undertaking and no broadband order had been placed. [CSA Removed] undertook to place the order but said it wouldn’t be processed until Monday 20th August as we were past the 1600 cut off time !!! She would not give any indication as to how long the service would take to come live. Time spent on phone – 31m 31s.

Yesterday I received an automated text telling me my broadband will be live by 5th September 2018 – 13 working days – I am very very unhappy. That will be in excess 8 weeks since I placed my order. I will now have to buy further data to enable me to work, my children do homework, etc.

Posted a compliant in the questions section – no answer – not a shock I guess!

I have to question why nobody within Plusnet seems willing to actually manage the issues – yes everyone is apologetic and undertakes to sort things but they never do – nobody takes responsibility. They simply wait for the next call before doing anything. I have spent almost 2 hours on the phone to Plusnet and the data SIM will have cost my in excess of £50 by the time my service goes live – if it ever does.

Advice – if you haven’t signed up then don’t!

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Re: Shambles – if you haven’t signed up then don’t!

Duck And Dive Operation Here Not “Straightforward And Honest” As Boasted In PlusNet Advertising.

Unbelievable Very Poor Customer Service.

We Will Do You Proud? PlusNet Should Be Ashamed More Like.

Agree Don't Get Enticed Here Stay Clear.

I May Old But I’m No Fool (Except For Moving Here)
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Re: Shambles – if you haven’t signed up then don’t!

Yeah @snd it sucks when things don’t work out the way you expect, but in this context this is equally true for Plusnet as it no doubt causes issues for them, issues, like your own, that can be done without.

The reality is that we don’t live in a perfect world, and not everything goes according to plan and this will remain the case while humans exist or are at least in control.

Having said that it would do no harm to ask Plusnet if they could waive the data fees, after all, if you don't ask you won't get.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Shambles – if you haven’t signed up then don’t!

Hi @snd


I am very sorry to hear the multiple issues that you have experienced so far. I have responded to your complaint that you have raised, and assigned this to our team. You can take a look at this at