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Scammers and Poor Service Providers

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Scammers and Poor Service Providers

Hi All,


Firstly I'd like to say that I am completely disgusted with my service so far with PLUSNET. I have been LIED to, given no service whatsoever and generally been treated poorly. Firstly - The Set-UP: I signed up to plusnet broadband and was told it'd be activated at midnight last night. I had to physically phone the company this morning at 9am only to be on hold for 30mins while they. When i finally got through to someone they had said they didn't activate the broadband on their end (why?). Secondly this is after she said that she has activated the broadband and it should connect no bother now. It still isn't connecting. PLUSNET are in serious breach of contract for 1. Telling lies to customers 2. Having services that are not fit for purpose. The only reason I am also posting on here is twice now I have been on hold to the tech team to get this fixed, only to be hung up on as soon as the adviser gets around to actually answering the phone instead of pretending to help people. 


Get it fixed today PLUSNET.

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Re: Scammers and Poor Service Providers

Hi there,


It looks like the adviser that sent you notification that your account was activated didn't actually activate the account. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this caused you though I don't believe there would have been any ill intent.

I'll pass internal feedback on in regards that though.


I can see we've reported a line fault to Openreach which would likely be preventing your broadband service from connecting. We'd expect to receive an update within the next 48 hours, apologies again for the inconvenience.



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Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Scammers and Poor Service Providers

So... I've now had the engineer from Openreach out for the second time. First Openreach engineer told lies and said he'd been to the property and done the job when he hadn't. I now have an internet connection of 17.1Kbps... is this some kind of a joke? I was promised between 3-5Mbps with a minimum of 2Mbps and I'm not even getting 1Mbps? Plusnet you are once again in serious breach of contract please fix this within the next 24 hours or I will be asking for a full refund, leaving my contract and be demanding compensation for the loss of the days wages due to a failed appearance of an Openreach Engineer. My partner will also be expressing her concerns with your service to her exceptionally large social media following if this is not resolved.
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Re: Scammers and Poor Service Providers

I'm sorry that your speeds are lower than expected. Checking your line is showing a large amount of errors, these are often caused by a fault on the line itself or due to internal setup.

Can you let me know if there is any noise on your phone line when you dial 17070 and run the quiet line test.

Is the router plugged in to the master socket, with no extension leads in use?


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