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Router still not arrived

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Router still not arrived

We ordered broadband service on 09-Sept and booked the engineer to come on 28-Sept, for broadband activation that evening (the BT engineer came on 28-Sept and checked the connection).


We got an email of the 24-Sept, only 2 working days before we were supposed to go live!? The email said the router would be there in 3-5 working days. It is now 30-Sept (5 working days since the router was dispatched) and we have no sign of a router or getting connected to internet.

The call centre has been closed since at least Monday, but I managed to get through by getting through to the mobile team in the automatic system, and get transferred. I was told another router was sent first class on Monday. No sign of that one either. 

This is ridiculous. Can you please help us get the broadband we bought 3 weeks ago

We both have to work from home,

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Re: Router still not arrived

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Re: Router still not arrived

Thanks for getting in touch @elliotgt 

I'm really sorry for the delay. It looks like you've received your router now as I can see you've been online since Friday. Let us know if there are any further issues or there's anything else you'd need help with

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