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Router being delivered AFTER activation

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Router being delivered AFTER activation

I recently joined Plusnet from Sky, my broadband is supposed to be going online today but according to the email I received yesterday I'm unlikely to receive the router before the end of the week (judging by the delivery estimate). According to the email I received in the 12th May I would receive the router before the activation date, which has obviously not happened. Now it would appear that I'm going to be without Broadband for that period which I'm very unhappy about. I'm supposed to be working from home but have had to go into work and the thought of not having broadband over the next few days is rather stressful. A response would be very much appreciated. As I type this I've just received a text message from an open reach engineer saying the line is about to be upgraded and I need to connect the broadband equipment!

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Re: Router being delivered AFTER activation

Messages regarding router delivery are sometimes delayed, this often means that the router arrives before the suggested dates.

Routers are normally sent Royal mail 1st class so SHOULD arrive next day, although that may not be true in the current situation.

Hopefully you router will arrive in the post today...

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