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Reward card on unlimited fibre?

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Reward card on unlimited fibre?

The terms for the reward card says that the unlimited fibre/fibre extra is included in the offer, but on the deals page, it is only present under the unlimited broadband option.


Which is it?

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Reward card on unlimited fibre?

Hi @cspiby


Thanks for getting in  touch.

Answer to your question is - both. It depends on current available offer.

Deals on our page change quite often, not every deal includes reward card or cashback.

There may be offer for example £75 reward card for unlimited broadband if you will take contract for 12 months, at same time there may be no reward card for same product on 18 months contract etc. Situation may change within few weeks and it may be other way round/with different reward card value/with no reward at all.

Same applies to offers on affiliate websites, there may be reward card for Fibre Extra on current offer but not for normal Fibre


I hope that answers your question.