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Reward Card

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Reward Card

Hi there. I have just checked the price for joining Plusnet to get broadband on a 18 month contract, the deal in question is via the website Moneysavingexpert which declares a £70 reward card, I cant find any info on what you can use the card for, I would like to have the £70 deducted from my monthly charges over the 18 month period, can you tell me if thats possible or is it a card for buying £70 worth of goods.   Yours sincerely Barkas

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Re: Reward Card

Thanks for your post @Barkas

The reward card would be something you'd use to buy goods from a retailer, we can't deduct the money from your bills.

There's a lot more information Here in particular, the "Where can I spend the money on my Plusnet Reward Card" bit:

"You can spend the money online and in most high street stores that display the Mastercard® symbol. However, there are some limitations. The card can't be used for:

  • Cash withdrawal at a cash machine
  • Cash back at a till
  • Any Customer Activated Terminals (such as but not limited to pay@pump, toll roads, car parks or train ticket terminals)
  • Subscriptions or automated periodic payments
  • Foreign exchange bureaus
  • Gambling"
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