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Rejoin plusnet with the offer they emailed after cancellation?

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Rejoin plusnet with the offer they emailed after cancellation?

Hi there,


I've been a plusnet customer on a fixed 18month contract until the 28th of March. As the contract was nearing an end and the only date available closest from the new provider was the 8th of March, I got transferred onto the new contract. I received an email from PlusNet on the 1st of March and the 2nd of February (even before I cancelled) with a deal, which was better however, the other providers offer was even cheaper (I've been with them before), I stuck to them. Well, it's been less than 14 days and their internet is quite atrocious, it wasn't so bad when I bought it before.

I want to switch back to plusnet, and possibly at the price they have emailed me (it also includes £50 cashback) to be honest, I'm not too faffed about it as long as I get good internet. My email shows as active, so does my member account. 

So, I clicked on to the email from 2nd February which let me 'sign up' online. I just clicked on to it today and was reviewing the price, package etc. Well thanks to how bad this internet is, the site froze/crashed and I think the order got placed accidentally. It was without the phone package I think, so I wouldn't have wanted it to go through anyways. I need deals with both broadband and calls included.

Been logging back on it and it keeps saying 'You're ahead of the game - You've already got a change coming up. Wait until this has been completed before coming back and trying again.' and this link appears

It's past 8pm, and I cannot contact them now. 

I am going to ring them tomorrow and discuss this issue, but in the meantime since I cannot get through to them - I'd be grateful if you could assist me with this issue. As I have the whole night to get through. 😕

Also, I am under 14 days of contract with my current provider, within the cooling period. If I was to buy with plusnet again would I need to inform them and would I be able to purchase the same deal as shown in the email. Thanks!



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Rejoin plusnet with the offer they emailed after cancellation?

Hiya @asmamg28,


Thanks for getting in touch and I am sorry you are experiencing an issue returning to us, we are happy to have you back onboard.


I would be happy to have a member of the relevant team give you a call so that they get get this sorted and get the ball rolling on getting your services up and running with us.


Please can you PM me the best contact number for them to reach you and I'll get it sorted. 

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