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Referral installation woes

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Referral installation woes

I recently referred my mother in law to Plusnet for an ADSL installation as she was looking for a new provider. The problems she is having are absolutely unacceptable considering she is a disabled 70 year old.

She is reliant on a phone line at all times for an emergency contact on-call button in the event she has an accident of any kind, she was reassured several times by Plusnet that this would not be a problem and there would be no interruption in service during the switch.

So firstly an installation engineer turned up on the 28th March that she was not actually told about, so was unavailable. This was then rearranged to a new date, which i'm not sure of right now (I can follow this up if needed) but the engineer turned up 4 hours earlier than scheduled and was therefore missed again. Installation was again rearranged for today (4th April) between 1-6pm, the engineer turned up at 9:40am and was missed again. She has called Plusnet has now been told nothing can be done until the 10th of April. Her old line is due to be cut off on the 6th.

Firstly, something needs to be done about this, she has been reassured that there will be no interruption in service, and if she is cut-off on the 6th this leaves an elderly, disabled woman in a dangerous situation.

Secondly, why are installation engineers repeatedly turning up to appointments 4-6 hours earlier than expected? People have other things going on in their lives, this is why appointments are made and times agreed, how is this so difficult to stick to?

I have referred her in good faith and it is making me look like a complete idiot right now. Please can this be looked into ASAP.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Referral installation woes

Hi @cogrady84, thanks for getting in touch on our forums.


Firstly I would just like say I'm really sorry to hear of this, from what you have advised it doesn't sound like your Mother in Law has had a good experience with us so far and this is certainly not what we like to hear. I'm also very sorry about the engineers turning up to the property outside of the pre-arranged appointment


I'd really like to help with this. Though in all honesty we may not be able to move the date forwards, we can certainly have a look into this and ensure we are currently doing all we can to get her service up and running.


Please can you send me a PM containing your Mother in Laws username so that we can have a look into this for you?

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Referral installation woes

Hi @cogrady84,

Thank you for providing LaurenB the account username.

As the information I need to provide you is specific to the account, I have updated the provisioning ticket which you can access here. If the account holder replies to the ticket, please reply on here so we can pick it up as soon as possible.

Thanks again.

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 Lewis G
 Infrastructure Operations Professional