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Really unhappy and i feel i have been lied to by Plusnet

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Re: Really unhappy and i feel i have been lied to by Plusnet

This is my query - I don’t have an active phone line, no idea if previous tenant did. The sockets are there but I’ve never required that service
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Re: Really unhappy and i feel i have been lied to by Plusnet

Had a similar problem. Moved house, and signed up with PlusNet, with a connection date ETA of 28/03. The date came and went, with no communication of a problem from PlusNet. When I called up to enquire was told because of the call centre closure in India the connection couldn't be set up at all until lockdown in India ended. This didn't match Open Reach's website, so I contacted another provider who set me up within the usual 2 week timeframe.


You can cancel your contract if your connection hasn't been set up yet. Just go with someone else. I am with BT now.

So glad I didn't believe PlusNet as I'd have been without a connection for months of lockdown. You've nothing to lose by trying someone else.

NB see OpenReach's site for what they can and cannot do. Reconnecting old lines is fine, they just can't enter your property to install new lines. Whatever you do, don't believe PlusNet's when they say it's due to India call centre closure.

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Re: Really unhappy and i feel i have been lied to by Plusnet

"@Juanita if you already have a phone line installed then no,if you don't you will have to wait until June or later apparently"


Really? My phone line was installed on April 1st. It was checked with the transmitter and tested to be fine, and supposedly just needs connecting outside to the green box. But I'm being told I have to wait until June 23rd for broadband.


I've given Plusnet the number of the engineer who did the line installation for Openreach, if they're not convinced.

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Re: No connection until 19/06/2020...???

@tonespectra I completely understand what you've said however further work needs to be carried out to complete the installation of the line and your broadband service. Engineers have advised they'd need access to your property for this. 

Unfortunately we're unable to contact engineers directly, and our suppliers helpesk have advised the earliest for your order is currently June because they're prioritising key workers and vulnerable customers with no other form of connection. 

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