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Re: New customer/ terrible service

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Re: New customer/ terrible service

If you don't mind reading a saga please read on
On 7th August I asked if PN would take over my BT landline which I was informed they would and they persuaded me to upgrade my legacy product to Unlimited Fibre (FTTC).

I was informed this would take place on the 18th August and that he would call me at 10am on the 22nd to set up a call package (as this could not be done until the line was in place).

No call came so I contacted PN as my download speed (11Mb/s) was vastly below expected.(19-30 Mb/s).
I was asked if I wanted to set up the call package, which I declined as I wanted to leave it a couple of months to see how the call charges work out. He sent me a confirmation of my new contract stating
"Unlimited Fibre has an average speed of 36Mb download and 9Mb upload. At peak times, we estimate that you'll get the following speeds on your line: Download: 7 - 8Mb Upload: 1.5 - 2Mb Minimum Guaranteed Speed: 6.9Mb."
He opened a ticket and said if they could not achive an accepable speed I could leave my contract without penalty.
I shall cut this part of the saga short by telling you I finally got 20 Mb/s on 13th Sep which I am very happy with.

Back to the main part.
I had a bill from BT which required paying by the 14th Aug but as I was being ported over on the 18th I decided not to pay this, expecting a final bill to come soon.
On the 1st Sep I received an email from BT asking for payment and advising of a late payment premium if payment was not forthcoming, I called them up paid the bill and explained the situation, cancelling my line in the process.
They told me that they were unaware of any request for the line switch and advised me to contact PN straight away and check if they had placed a working line takeover of my landline".

They had not but put one in straight away.
I received the following communications on the ticket:
7:25pm, Friday 1 Sep 2023
Your order is being reviewed and will be updated shortly.
Don’t worry, you don’t need to contact us at this stage, but, we will be in touch should there be anything to make you aware of.
1:26pm, Tuesday 5 Sep 2023
Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxx
Greetings from PlusNet,
Hope you are doing well.
We are happy to inform you that your Home phone order was placed successfully. Any further updates will be hence conveyed.
2:46pm, Friday 8 Sep 2023
Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxxx
Greetings from PlusNet!
Hope you are well.
This is to inform you that your phone order has been rejected. We've escalated this to our relevant team and they'll look into your account
Detail: Order is rejected with the reason: PSTN is not currently available in the exchange area specified'
They cannot get the line now of course because it's past the stop/sell date.
The support team were very apologetic and civil at all times but I cannot get over the incompetence of the whole situation.
P.S. I managed to contact BT to remove the cancel request, so at least I won't be cut off on the 29th Sep ( I have become so paranoid now that I called them again to provide confirmation in writing).

I'm not a fast writer It's taken me over an hour to write this, so I'm going for a lie-down now

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Re: New customer/ terrible service

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