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Re: Fibre order question

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Re: Fibre order question

Ive signed up for plusnet last week ive had a few emails off them about random things but it says on them that i Could check the progress of my order but ive tried everything and have no clue how to do it i have rang up but all i get told is my order is going well all i want to know is how much longer ill have to wait is there anyway i can find out?
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Re: Fibre order question

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Re: Fibre order question

Hi there,


I've checked over your account and the email we sent you on the 18th April explains the delay so far, you can see a copy of that here:

I'm just about to get your orders placed and moving along now, they should take 10 working days.

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Re: Fibre order question

Thank you for your patience Jamie, I can see your orders are now progressing smoothly and are due to activate on 11/05/2017. Please accept my apologies for the delays you have encountered in your services transferring to Plusnet.

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