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Re: Broadband activation?

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Re: Broadband activation?

Hi, our phone line went active yesterday, when I rang to check on the status of Broadband was at 1pm that it would be available within 2 hours, rang again at 5.30 and was told they were just waiting for an engineer to flick the switch and that we must be towards the end of his route but would definitely be done by midnight! Still no broadband at 8.30 this morning! Not impressed with my first encounter with PlusNet at all! Please help
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Re: Broadband activation?

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Re: Broadband activation?

Hi Claire.

I also had problems with my initial activation date.  I was given a midnight deadline like you and it didn't happen.  I tried calling for the next couple of days and couldn't get through so eventually I posted on here. Plusnet responded promptly and it turned out that there were problems out of their control but they escalated it and I was up and running in no time. I haven't had any problems since.

My service since then has been excellent but, I agree, Plusnet need to sort out their first impression.  More/ better communication wouldn't go amiss if they're experiencing problems with their provider(s).