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[REPORTED] By: carlcaulkett / Board: Broadband (307237)

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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[REPORTED] By: carlcaulkett / Board: Broadband (307237)

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by carlcaulkett

<p>Hello, I have been dealing with BenB on this matter but he does not appear to be around today. I signed up for a broadband service last Sunday but, despite the money for the first month and a new line leaving my bank account, I did not receive a welcome email. I made contact with BenB and slowly it emerged that my order cannot be traced. Ben asked me to supply the telephone number I used to place the order but I'm not sure if he has read that email. Can ask that someone else can step in and sort out this matter, because I was told that my broadband would be up and running on August 16th, but with this delay I am not confident that this will happen.</p>

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Re: [REPORTED] By: carlcaulkett / Board: Broadband (307237)


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