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Quidco Cashback £70 - Help

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Registered: ‎28-01-2021

Quidco Cashback £70 - Help


Can I please get some help towards getting this cashback approved? I wouldn't have signed up for the service if it wasn't for this cashback offer. I made the claim at Quidco once I noticed it hadn't tracked. I did everything I normally do such as deactivating any ad blockers and the like but it still didn't track correctly. It went through to the landing page that showed the offers by QuidCo 

Quidco claim ID: 4277554

I'm hoping you can help speed this cashback claim up as the current status has been stuck at sent to retailer for awhile now.  Please help, thank you.

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Registered: ‎29-01-2021

Re: Quidco Cashback £70 - Help

Same thing happened to me with plusnet mobile. I am sure this is false adverting but not sure how seriously ofcom will take this even you decide to report it if cash back won’t be rewarded. However let’s have faith that plusnet will do you proud.