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Question about engineer visit

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Question about engineer visit


I just signed up for PlusNet having just moved to Edinburgh from Canada. I am curious why an engineer needs to come to my flat to install a line. If possible, I'd love to skip that step and get my internet activated a lot sooner (will allow me to work from my flat/whatsapp family back home etc...). There are clearly phone lines throughout the flat (see pic), and the previous that left <1 week ago had internet there as well. 


If necessary I am happy (with a bit of grumbling not directed at anyone in particular) to wait until my appointment, but just wanted to check to see if there was a way to speed things up a bit.



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Re: Question about engineer visit

If you've signed up for Fibre (FTTC) then an engineer needs to visit the cabinet to "jump" a connection between your phone line and the internet circuit. The engineer may, or may not, visit your premises. Timing depends on engineer availability.



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Re: Question about engineer visit

Hi @imolnar


Thank you for getting in touch. 


Although we would like to, we wouldn't be able to speed up your activation process. Although there may be a physical line, if this is disconnected from your local cabinet and exchange, an engineer may or may not need to gain access to your premises but is still required to go out. On checking your orders, an engineer would be required to access your premises. 


Kind Regards