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Pushing back my start date

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Pushing back my start date

I've ordered my plusnet package so now I'd like to get my start date pushed back to kick in around the 27th December. (So that'll be to start on the 14th I think. Given it'll take 10 days minimum)

Can a staff member help me with me with this?

Also is it possible to have my equipment sent to a different address that isn't the one the broadband package is for because it's the address I'll be moving to but not the one I'm at currently?

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Pushing back my start date


Hi @Aline,


I've requested the change to the 27th December for you. It'll take a day or so to update so I'll recheck again tomorrow to make sure both orders look good.


With regards the router being sent to a different address please PM me the address you want it sending to and I'll get this updated too.