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Provisions department hung up on me!!!

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Provisions department hung up on me!!!

Hi All,  I'm using this forum to try and get some answers as the provisions department just  hung up on me, and no I wasn't abusive, just asking for answers after being bounced around for over an hour tonight. 

I tried to upgrade to fibre on Plusnets recommendation as my normal broadband is pig slow and has been constantly dropping out.  I ordered the fibre connection on 12th November and was told it would be up and running on the 24th November.  Phoned in on the 25th to ask what was going on and when would it be connected only to be told after being on phone for an hour that I would have to talk to Provisions and call queue was longer than 35 minutes . I declined as I had things to do.  Anyway a ticket was raised in this call, but there has been no reply today so thought I would call again.  Waited another 40 mins to get through to customer service only to be told that he couldn't do anything and that I must talk to Provisions.  Got through at 7.15 tonight after only 15 minutes.  The guy told me that the order hadn't been placed on Openreach and he would do it. I asked when could I expect completion and he couldn't tell me.  I then asked to speak to a supervisor only to be told that they shut in 10 minutes.  At this I told him how poor the service was and he hung up on me in mid sentence!!  

If this is how Plusnet deal with customers I don't think I want to be one any more and I've been with you for over 10 years.  Whatever happened to 'the customer is always right'.

Sorry for the rant, but I've given up phoning as its an hour a time and nobody has any answers anyway!!!!!

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Re: Provisions department hung up on me!!!

Hi there.

I'm very sorry to hear of your poor experience.


It doesn't look like the fibre order has been placed yet. Sad I'm in the process of putting this through to our suppliers now and I'll respond to ticket 162817286 when I've done so. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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