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Problems with order. Still!!

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Problems with order. Still!!

Posting on here as my original post is now being ignored.

Can someone care to explain what on earth is going on with my order now? I was promised a few days ago that you would expedite my order and the earliest you could get my broadband up and running was this Friday 18 May, which you would do. I have since waited patiently, only to receive 2 emails this morning that 1) my home phone order has now been cancelled and 2) my order can’t be expedited and it will now be 24 May.

10 days without internet and counting.

What exactly is going on with plusnet and why is this still such a mess?? I feel as though this is going to continue indefinitely and I will never receive internet connection again.

You can treat my message on here as an official complaint. If I do not hear back by the end of the day that my broadband will be working tomorow as promised, I will be referring this plus my log of all of my phone calls and interactions with plusnet to the financial ombudsman. The amount of emotional distress plus net has caused me is ridiculous, and just keeps coming.
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Re: Problems with order. Still!!

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Re: Problems with order. Still!!

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Re: Problems with order. Still!!

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