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Problem with orders placed 5th and 6th November

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Registered: ‎14-11-2018

Problem with orders placed 5th and 6th November

Has anyone else been told this by provisioning/customer service or had similar experience?

I placed order 5th and hadn't heard any updates come 13th (other than DD being setup) so checked order tracker and no update so looked to raise ticket but no option so googled it and stumbled across the ticket page (  and found a ticket open from 36hrs before saying my order failed and should be redone manually in next 24hrs which it hadnt.


Bit the bullet and called (1hr wait time) and told I had an open order on BT line that needed cancelled but advisor called openreach for me to get that cancelled off that and will reorder next day once line showed as clear on all systems.  also told should keep go switch date of 21st if possible.



reorder attempt wasn't attempted till my tweet sent at lunchtime was answered at almost 9pm and it failed again and message left on ticket saying the will contact me when resolved.  tweet and ticket response i sent asking for a timescale were both ignored.


Called for update today and told issue not what I've been told and that issue is actually because their new billing system had an issue with some orders placed on above dates. no timescale for resolution still, couldn't explain why this info different to what last 2 advisers said.  when I asked I was told it MIGHT work if I cancelled and reordered but didnt know.  really poor experience so far as no idea what to do next and stuck in limbo

I've raised a complain and told a call back in 2-4hrs from complaints so lets see if they actually call as promised 

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