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Problem with order

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Registered: ‎01-09-2020

Problem with order

I placed my order on the 26th August and selected 3rd September as an install date. I've had zero contact from PlusNet after I've paid £75 upfront, no confirmation for the engineer visit. I checked my account today to see a comment from a customer service rep stating that the order has been cancelled and to select a new install date???


Not possible in the online portal to select a new install date as far as I can see, zero contact from PlusNet to say that the order has had issues, not possible to use their online chat and the call centre just says "sorry we're busy" and then hangs up.


Absolutely ridiculous 

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Re: Problem with order

Hello, you are not alone in having these problems unfortunately as a quick search of the forum will reveal. It would appear to be quite common for an order to be cancelled; mine was too.

The only way to contact Plusnet is by telephone, unless one of their staff on this forum takes up your case, and be prepared to wait quite a while before your call is answered.

I wonder, when you signed up was there an offer of a £75 voucher?