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Possible to redirect router order?

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Possible to redirect router order?

Hi. I am a new plusnet customer and have recently got the Unlimited Fibre Extra. The phone line has recently been set up. The router hasn’t been dispatched yet (i haven’t received a dispatch email) but I was wondering if it’d be possible to get the router delivered to another address than the address that will be having the broadband. Reason being is that no one will likely answer the door at the address for the time being (the letter boxes are within the flat and postman won’t get access unless someone buzzes them in).

Furthermore, Can I know when it’ll be dispatched ?

thank you
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Re: Possible to redirect router order?

Hi there,

Yes we can send a router to a different address but it looks like we've already dispatched your router to the address where we've provided your services at. Did you receive it? 

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