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Porting current phone number from Virgin Media to Plusnet

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Registered: ‎08-11-2018

Porting current phone number from Virgin Media to Plusnet



I recently signed up with Plusnet for broadband fibre extra and phone line. My subscription with Virgin is due to end on 25/11 and have a Plusnet engineer date set for a few days before this.


This is where I get confused. When signing up with Plusnet they said they couldn't find a working phone line at my property, despite putting in my phone number that I have with virgin, which works. So I assumed that they meant a bt/plusnet line and this would mean having a new number as the advisor said they couldn't use the same line.

So I thought I would just need to call virgin and cancel the line rental with them that they were keeping open for me so that my current number could be ported over.


However, Virgin have told me this morning that the line rental is set up to end on the 25th (along with their broadband subscription) and is being kept open so Plusnet can contact Virgin and port the number over. Then I assume Virgin will just close down their line at that point.


So my question is - Are plusnet going to port my number over from Virgin and inform them to close the virgin media phone line?


Looking at my account - my order i still being processed/set up but when I look at the  billing page - it has my current phone number with Virgin under Phone - so does that mean it is going to be ported over?


Any help would be appreciated as it just seems a bit unclear at the moment.



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Porting current phone number from Virgin Media to Plusnet

Hello @willplaysbass


I am sorry to hear there has been confusion caused by the manner in which we have processed your order.


I have looked into your query and responded to you via a ticket. You can view this by Clicking Here


Should you require any further assistance, please do get back in touch with us.