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Poor experience on switching to Plusnet

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Poor experience on switching to Plusnet

How long on average does someone have to wait when ordering unlimited fibre broadband.

The end to end time for myself is nearly a month..... are we living in 2017 or 1999?

I ordered in haste and was unaware PlusNet was owned by BT. If I knew that there's no way I would have signed up... I have a time sensitive requirement for broadband, and so far they haven't even been able to confirm the activation date. 

The call centre is a 25 minute wait at least before someone will tell me they don't know the answers to my question (when is the broadband going to be available?). 

All in all a very poor, decades old style of service, where they seem to be all about the telephone line, not the fibre. The landline won't even get a phone plugged in, the only service of note is the broadband.


Are there other similar experiences?












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Re: Poor experience on switching to Plusnet

Hi Jon,

A warm welcome to the forums, sad to hear of your order delays.

Though PlusNet are part of the BT group, they have a completely separate management structure which is completely UK based (no overseas customer support).

Have you had any specific communication in respect of your order, specifically anything referring to the order being cancelled?  Unfortunately the service ordering systems provided by BTw and BTOR for use by ALL ISPs does at times allow orders which cannot be fulfilled to be entered, leading to internal order cancellation and delays.  It is not uncommon for there to be fibre capacity at the time of PLACING the order only for that capacity to have disappeared at the point of ACCEPTING the order.

Orders are also being cancelled because of errors within BTw's and BTOR's databases ... which they expect the ISP to correct for them.

Sadly consequential delay is all too common within this forum, only a small fraction of the customer base visit here - certainly very few of those for whom things go with out a hitch - so it's difficult to say how common it is overall.

What can be said is that when things do go wrong, communication with PlusNet can be challenging ... One imagines a failure to effectively communicate progress (or the reasons for non-progress) might be a significant factor in the volume of calls being made.

An explanation of the cause of your specific delay will require help from a staffer.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Poor experience on switching to Plusnet

Hi @Jon1


Welcome to the forums, I've taken a look a your orders and they're due to complete on the 7th July I'm sorry for the delay that you've experienced it appears the order rejected a number of times.


The social media team will monitor the orders from here on and try to keep you informed as best we can.

 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager