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Plusnet Fibre Optic Broadband issues

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Registered: ‎02-12-2020

Plusnet Fibre Optic Broadband issues

Jusst wanted some advice, so I moved house and Plusnet was going to transfer my services over, I have fibre optic broadband due to be activated on the 26th November, however they have said there isnt enough ports at the green box to connect my house to the network and that the work that needs to be completed won't be done until 31st December.


They told me yesterday morning that they will put me onto normal broadband (ADSL) and that should be on within 3 days but most often it's instant. Well 2nd day waiting and still not connected.


Plusnet did leave on my plusnet dashboard an open message that reads the following, 


''Sales & COT Analyst
11:46am, Tuesday 1 Dec 2020
we need to change to ADSL @ £0.20 per month within contract once HM flag is removed''

''11:47am, Tuesday 1 Dec 2020
This Question is now on hold until Tuesday 8th December at 7:00am''
So my question is what is HM Flag that they need to remove?
Secondly does the activation date mean it wont go active until the 8th of decemeber?