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Plusnet Customer Service is Disgraceful, Nonexistent

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Plusnet Customer Service is Disgraceful, Nonexistent

My previous broadband package came to an end 6 days ago, so as a consequence needed to change, I decided to go with Plusnet as I had used them before and was satisfied with the package I had.

I received the Broadband box 5 days ago, so tried to connect, I tried to access the internet from my phone as a test but got the message internet access not available.


It is worth bearing in mind when I spoke to the sales personnel on the day of taking out the package it was up and running with in 24 hours, as I was informed.


I have tried calling the support line now since receiving the box every day (when you add up the time spent to the point last night it comes to 4 hours), with no one answering eventually I managed to contact someone last night, who told me my account had not been activated, and transferred me to the activation team, where I stayed on the line for another Hour, until I gave up.

I have tried again today but to no avail (as expected!!!!!!!), I am now at the point of wanting to return the Broadband box and go with another supplier for my broadband.


Also, yesterday I received a letter from Plusnet stating that someone has the same phone number as me and is intending to move into my address, this is news to me I have ono intentions of moving and I want to keep my phone number, which I told the one person I managed to talk to, but I am of the opinion this issue is probably still open as well, going on the customer service I received so far.


Can someone please tell me what I need to do to send my broadband box back to Plusnet and cancel the agreement as I am with in the 14-day cooling off period.


I am most dissatisfied with the service I have received to date and have had to revert back to my previous broadband provider to write this correspondence.

I shall be telling people also about the service I have received and how the standard has fallen drastically, since my last experience, you can safely say it is in free fall and is still falling at a rapid rate....


Any help would be gratefully received, I won't expect anything from Plusnet customer services, going on my previous experience.

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Re: Plusnet Customer Service is Disgraceful, Nonexistent

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet Customer Service is Disgraceful, Nonexistent

Hi, I'm sorry to see this. I've checked over your account and can see that the service isn't due to go live until the 14th and that seems to match up with the communications we've previously sent through to you. 


if you did want to go ahead and cancel you'd just need to get in touch with our customer options team as per the details here:



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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team