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Phone service order unsuccessful

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Phone service order unsuccessful

I ordered Plusnet Fibre for the flat I just moved into on the 21st and not long later the following message was emailed to me and in the help section of the plusnet website:

Your Response
1:49am, Saturday 22 Sep 2018

The order for your phone service has been unsuccessful. We'll look into this and contact you if there are any problems.

The order for this service has been rejected. Please see the install history tool for full details.

It’s been a while since it was originally posted there and I’ve seen no sort of official response.
I searched around the forums for others with the same issue and it’s popped up before with staff responding after the post and I assume the issue being resolved soon after.
It’s been worrying me that there might be a problem with my order and it might be cancelled without me knowing or that I’d been forgotten about, and I’d really rather not have to suffer without internet for much longer than the originally specified activation date of the 4th October, so if I could get any response from anyone in the know to see if there is a problem, that would be great. Thanks.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Phone service order unsuccessful


Sorry to hear this.

It looks like the orders didn't go through to our suppliers due to a system issue.

I've replaced the orders for you now and we'll confirm the date as soon as possible

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 Matthew Wheeler
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Re: Phone service order unsuccessful

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