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Phone order for new house cancelled again, neither I nor the seller understand what’s going on

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Phone order for new house cancelled again, neither I nor the seller understand what’s going on


I recently placed an order for Plusnet to be installed and for you to take over the current line in my new house from Sky. I’ve checked my plusnet emails again today after speaking to someone last week to confirm an already-delayed date of June 17th and it looks like the order was cancelled again yesterday afternoon.

In order to sort this out, is there any way that you could let me know:
1. If there’s any way to quickly sort this issue out and rectify the line change as the old occupants no longer live here?
2. The estimated install date, as we’ve now been pushed from June 10 to the 17– I can’t really hold out longer than this as we need the internet to work from home.
3. If there is any way to speed up the process?

I appreciate that it’s complicated working between two suppliers but the delays are getting frustrating now. It’s the last day of the cooling off period too, so I’m going to check with other providers of installation dates and find out if they can offer something more definite as I really need this connection up to work.
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Order Placed Before Moving: Help?

Hi there, just looking for a bit of reassurance on something here.

Basically, with the ongoing WFH rules due to the pandemic, we were recommended to try and arrange broadband ahead of our moving-in date to minimise disruption to work, which seems sensible. From past experiences, we've been able to arrange a date that would be a few weeks in future so assumed we could do the same here with regards to picking a date.

We're due to move in a week Friday (June 4), so it's very soon.

Our order was confirmed this morning but I can't find any information to suggest an installation date-- I spoke to support on the phone briefly, and they suggested that nothing (install, phone switch) would be done until 10 working dates later (June 9).

Can anyone here confirm that nothing like that will take place until then as - obviously - we don't want to interfere at all with the current occupants' connection which would be a disaster? The guy on support was great and (I think) confirmed this, but I wanted to ask here as well, just in case the situation wasn't quite clear over the phone.

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Re: Order Placed Before Moving: Help?

Hi @rmorgan-1994


Thank you for reaching out on our Community Forum.


No need to worry, I've had a look into the account on our end and can confirm that your services will in fact be going active on 10/06/2021 at any point up to midnight.



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Re: Phone order for new house cancelled again, neither I nor the seller understand what’s going on


I have asked the mods to merge this topic into your previous post on this matter here - - which set an expectation that the service would be active on 10th June.  There needs to be some explanation from a staff member of why that expectation has not been not been fulfilled, as that might prove useful to others.

The most likely explanation here is that the customer of the existing service has told Sky that (a) they are terminating their service or (b) doing a house move of there service.  This being the case, Sky will have placed a service cease order on the line and therefore it will not be possible for a third party to place a new service provision order UNTIL AFTER that cease order has completed.

It is quite possible that previously Plusnet successfully placed a take over working line order on the existing line.  That will have given rise to a service take over notice being issued to Sky and their customer, who have the ability to cancel the service transfer.  That leaves Plusnet with little remedy but to wait until the existing service ceases and then to place their orders on a non-working line.

That then brings its own set of challenges - BT "paperwork" especially on a line which is currently with a Sky who is a LLU provider - which can mess up BT's processes.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Phone order for new house cancelled again, neither I nor the seller understand what’s going on

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Re: Phone order for new house cancelled again, neither I nor the seller understand what’s going on

Hi @rmorgan-1994 To follow things up I'm sorry to say but the existing provider of the property has cancelled our transfer order again. There's no cancellation request placed on the line by the current provider's end so they're still hanging on to it. 

Unfortunately there's very little we can do in these situations, do you know who the previous owners of your property are? If you do I'd recommend contacting them to ask their provider they were with while living there not to cancel our orders.

Alternatively if they can cease the line asap, then we'll place orders to reinstate the line and broadband service.

Let us know how it goes.

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