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Phone order cancelled

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Phone order cancelled


I have just signed up less than a week ago but today received an email advising that my phone order has been cancelled.
I'm confused as I have not requested this?
I've received a notification from my current provider advising that they have received a cancellation request and confirmation previously that my order will be set up by march 7th. I'm really confused but this email.
Can someone clarify for me please?

Many thanks
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Re: Phone order cancelled

Hello @Aharrold


I am a newbie like yourself on here, however I have seen a number of posts similar to yours where it turns out that for some reason or other your transfer/activation cannot be completed within the expected time frame so they cancel it and resubmit a fresh order. 

Unfortunately, some Plusnet automated communications are far from descriptive. 

I suggest you try (during opening times) the online help chat service, although someone may well pick your cry for help up on here anyway, but there is no harm in belt and braces approach. 

Alternatively, you could phone customer service although delays are normal as queues are often 15mins or more long. 

It seems thus is pretty normal for many customer service lines, not just Plusnet. 

If you make contact, I am sure you will get a sensible explanation and the reassurance you seek. 


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Phone order cancelled

Hello @Aharrold, just a quick note to check that your phone and broadband services are still ok as your account shows that this happened on the 23/03/17. I am glad that this has been sorted for you. If I can be of any further help then let me know through this forum.