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Order update and perhaps cancellation

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Order update and perhaps cancellation

After much searching I've eventually stumbled upon my fibre upgrade order status information. I can see the fibre package is "pending" and the hub router is at "buy". Clicking onto the details of the router, it says it's been paid for but the order hasn't been placed. I believe I've already been billed for the upgrade. I was expecting to have fibre up and running on the 8th November but this hasn't happened. With no updates from plusnet and the order status incredibly difficult to find, and as I'm having to post this on mobile as our normal broadband has cut out again, I'd like to know if I can cancel this upgrade? I need reliable, fast broadband and I'm not confident anymore that plusnet can provide this.
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Re: Order update and perhaps cancellation

Hello there and apologies for the lack of communication with regards to your fibre order.


I can see the order is in place with our suppliers which should activate on the 21st November. We'd usually send your new router automatically 48 hours before the upgrade date but I've sent it now to make sure it arrives in time.

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