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Order - has it gone through? Dates?

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Order - has it gone through? Dates?



I made my order last night (new customer - fibre broadband). I wasn't asked to select any dates for going live and today I received an email say that a direct debit request has been sent to my bank. 


I have the following questions please:

  1. Does the email I received mean that my order has definitely been approved?
  2. How will I select or be told when the services will be live?
  3. I want to add TV to my package. Will I need to wait till after the broadband is live to order the TV package? If so, how long does it usually take?

Thank you very much - I will be happy to provide the details of my account.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Order - has it gone through? Dates?


Hello @costas4bulbidi


Welcome on board!


In order for me to look into your account further can you please private message me your account username.


To answer the questions you have listed:-


1: You should firstly receive a 'Welcome Email' from us, this means your account has been created. There would be separate emails sent after that regarding your order.


2: When we process your order we will notify you of a live date. The live date will you are provided will be the earliest date we can connect you. There are several factors behind this, e.g Engineer availability around your postal area, the type of order we are processing, the line at your premises, etc.


3: That's right, once your broadband services have gone live, you can then order the TV package. This usually takes 1 business day to process, the YouView box is then dispatched and usually arrives within 2-3 working days.


Hope this information helps.