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Order & Payment Taken - No News about Broadband

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Registered: ‎27-03-2020

Order & Payment Taken - No News about Broadband

Phone line activated quickly (which is great but a non essential)

No communication at all about broadband. Plusnet phone help line impenetrable, livechat down and only indication of order status is an open message from 24th March which reads

"We're still waiting for our supplier to let us know they've received your broadband order. We'll get some more information on the delay and update this ticket with details as soon as we have them. [internal note] No response from BT regarding customer's order. Please check account and confirm order status, then inform customer".

Asked for confirmation at time of placing order about likely disruption, no red flags raised. "


Didn't want to play this card, but we are both NHS workers and whilst we are prepared to submit to terrestrial TV, tethering kit to our personal mobile phones to allow us to work remotely from home when required is becoming expensive.

Don't want to jump any queues just need an idea of when we can expect delivery.