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Order Process [New Home]

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Order Process [New Home]

Hi there, We want to purchase the unlimted fibre extra broadband and line rental only into our new property. We won't have access to the property until the 14th September and ideally would love the internet all up and running for the 15th September.


- When is the best time to submit the process for our contract (timescales)

- Does an engineer come out to set this up and can we select a date or will someone be in touch?

- Will they provide the router and tools to set this up?


(We're currently with Virgin media so only experienced their set up process).


I'd hate to set this up today for example and the current owners start to receive letters or we're too early doing it!



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Re: Order Process [New Home]

Hi there,

The order process takes a couple of weeks to go through so no I wouldn't think you would be to early. The router will be provided by Plusnet and the engineer would carry out work at your local street cabinet so no need for an appointment if the property already has a phone line.

If the line can't be transferred howerver until a set date it would be best to talk to the support team to ensure its processed without problems and not to early  you can contact them by phone or via online chat details available at:

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Re: Order Process [New Home]

Thanks for the advice!


Will be contacting them this week to get a deal sorted Smiley

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Re: Order Process [New Home]

hi there DO IT NOW as you have to wait a long time as it is all ways openreach so do soon as pos trust me Huh

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Order Process [New Home]

I recommend placing it now in honesty, we can select a date to your choosing (bar weekends).

The lead times depend on what's at the property. If you PM me the address I'll check for accurate figures.


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