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Ofcom not prioritising activations

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Ofcom not prioritising activations

Hi, I decided to switch to yourselves last week after our contract with the post office was finished. I received a letter today from the post office with a date that the switch over will happen - 2nd of April. I am concerned however after reading that Ofcom are not prioritising any internet activations due to the increased demands with coronavirus and more people working from home. The article from Ofcom stated that repairs to current services are to be prioritised and work will not be carried out on activations. The letter from our current supplier stated we can still cancel the switch over and remain with them - honestly, I don't want to do that because the service was poor and we had continuous connection problems - but it is better than no service as my partner and I are also now working from home.

Can you cast any light on this situation? Will our activation go ahead as planned or are there expected delays? I'm very tempted to cancel my order until all of this is over but if you can assure me the activation will go ahead as expected, I will trust you and continue with the order.
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Re: Ofcom not prioritising activations

Thanks for your post @Suzannagibson and apologies for the delayed response.

Unfortunately the minimum time it takes to transfer a line from another provider is still 10 working days we can't change and I'm sorry to be the bearer of already bad news, but there's a delay with your order.

I've added more detail onto a support ticket you can view and respond to by going Here.

Let us know if you've got any further queries.

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