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No service and no communication!

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No service and no communication!

Have been two weeks without a landline and broadband since trying to switch to Plusnet from Sky.  Plusnet have encountered technical problems their end but have not bothered to communicate with me.  Phone calls do not work at all, and leaving messages through the enquiry system but nothing useful coming back.  I get an odd email saying they have tried to call, but no missed calls on my mobile and on the one occasion they did get through they did not recognise my name! This service is absolutely appalling - what is going on there?? Is anyone else having the same problem?

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Re: No service and no communication!

Hi there.

I'm really sorry to see the issues we've had with your order.

I've done a little digging and it appears that we've had these problems because your previous provider placed a cease order on the line stopping the active services on the 29th July so we struggled to successfully place an order to takeover your line. This can be a problem because there generally can only be 1 order active on the supplier systems at any one time.

We then placed an order to reactivate the line but your previous number we requested was in quarantine at that time as it was recently ceased and hadn't been released back into the BT network yet, a quarantine period lasts 14 days.

Having said that I'm disappointed to see the way we've handled this because we could've placed the order with a new number 2 weeks ago then renumbered your line once your number was released. I'll ensure feedback is passed on to the relevant advisers regarding how they've handled your order.

I've now placed an order to reactivate your phone line. We will need an engineer to go to the exchange to connect the line onto the BT equipment we use, so I'll confirm the completion date shortly (This should be within 4 working days or sooner).

When your line is active you should have your previous number straight away as it's no longer in quarantine as of today.

I'll then place your fibre order which should take a minimum of 5 working days to complete however this can occasionally be delayed depending on engineer availability in the area to connect the line to the external fibre equipment.

Once you're up and running we'll be happy to discuss a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience we've caused.

Apologies again for the experience you've had. 

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