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No reward card email...

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Re: No reward card email...

Further update:

So I too was confused about the whole process about the reward so I left a query here and a few days later a plusnet rep phoned me up. I was told I would automatically receive an email within 28 days, which I got after 10 days. The email contained a link to a form which I filled in. About 1 week later I received my reward card.

So everything went smoothly for me. I think the best thing to do is give it 28 days then if still no email then leave a message here raising a query, then hopefully a plusnet rep should get in touch. Regarding the email check in your spam folder because sometimes promo type messages can be wrongly flagged as spam. 

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Re: No reward card email...


i renewed our contract in August 2020 and was advised that i would receive a £60 voucher within 28 days however, nothing was received.  i put this down to delays due to the current pandemic.  However, i have recently tried to chase this and have been advised that the 2 month limit for the voucher has expired and cannot be issued??  i was never told of a 2 month limit and have still received no voucher.  The £60 voucher was the deciding factor on renewing my contract.  without this i would have looked elsewhere.  Where is my voucher please? 

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Re: No reward card email...

I have experienced the same issue.

I switched to Plusnet as a new customer on 7/8/2020. The referral was made using a link from Money Saving Expert; the offer for new customers promised a Reward Card worth £70.

Having received nothing from Plusnet about the reward card, I contacted customer serviceson 12 December 2020 via the online chat facility. A record of the chat was sent to me advising me to raise a query by phone.

On 23/1/21 I contacted them by phone and a query was raised (Question 210631195) – it stated that a quary had been sent to the marketing team. A response time of 58 working days (!) was given.

I contacted customer services again on 27/2/21 and Question 211852795 was raised.

Having had no response by 5 April I contacted  customer services by phone. During this call I was informed by the agent that my application to take up the customer offer never qualified for the reward card. This does not tally with the referral from MSE where the customer offer was posted. I can see from the Forum that a number of new customers have had problems in claiming a reward card.

I am totally dissatisfied with the lack of response from Plusnet to my enquiries. At each stage I have had to make contact; and to be told, after waiting for an answer for over 2 months, that the referral I took was ineligible, is insulting.

Please can someone at Plusnet look into this.

Thank you.