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No phone or internet connection

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No phone or internet connection


My services went live today as per the email I received but I have no broadband or phone.

I have a dial tone but unable to have incoming or out going calls.

My router connected last night for around 10 mins and then went back to a solid yellow.

I have tried the texting service but it’s saying no account is attached to my phone number.

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Re: No phone or internet connection

@Martibarker I would try ringing Plusnet - sounds like they've dropped the ball somewhere. Welcome to the forums, BTW, and I have asked for this topic to be moved to the correct board.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No phone or internet connection

Hiya @Martibarker, thanks for getting in touch and a warm welcome to Plusnet!


I'm really sorry for the slow start to our service! It looks like you now have an active connection, I am sorry for the delays. If you have any further queries at all, please do just let me know.

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Re: No phone or internet connection

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