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No broadband after a month

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Registered: ‎24-08-2020

No broadband after a month

Still waiting on my plusnet broadband switch from bt after a month.

First my order was delayed for a cease on the line but when I finally got through to customer services it turned out that my order had been forgotten about. After that a very helpful customer service employee quickly fast forwarded my order and sent me my router, I was impressed!

But... Now I have this message on my order,

The order for your phone service has been unsuccessful. We'll look into this and contact you if there are any problems.

Yes.... The problem is I'm paying for a service I don't have.

Basically I'm stuck with a router, paying for a service I can't use with no sign of when or if it will be available. The customer service line is overrun and unavailable there is no online chat and no email.

I would like to cancel and try another provider but it's difficult when you can't contact the customer services.

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