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No active broadband for nearly 2 months...

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No active broadband for nearly 2 months...



It has now been nearly 2 months that I've not had broadband to my property.


I moved to a new flat, but my Landlord gave me the wrong address before I moved in, so the wrong address was given to Plusnet (should be 17A instead of 17), so have contacted to change it, so they went through the order process over again.


Forward a few weeks, my order has been automatically rejected without any notification, nothing happened until I contacted you to ask what is the status of the order. The order was rejected, but nothing was done to fix it. A manual order was placed, and was told that I will be given a set date. A day later, got an automated email saying my order has failed due to an error, so contacted again to ask what is wrong. The order will need to be placed again but will be prioritised above others, but it turned out that there is a problem with the line, so a phone line order will need to be placed, then a broadband order.


I said that if this goes on much longer, I will have to consider going elsewhere, but was told that I will be liable for termination fees, by going back to the old contract as my new contract isn't placed just yet, which is a kick in the teeth, so I'll have to wait for the order to keep going through.


Another week, still not heard anything yet. So a total wait of nearly two months and countless of rejected orders, and my patience is running very thin, especially have no service delivered. I no longer have the patience to be transferred one or twice, I understand that you are extremely short-staffed.


Please. Sort out my order.


My Plusnet username is [Removed].


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Re: No active broadband for nearly 2 months...


Sorry to hear your disturbing tale, although it seems to be not uncommon. Along with quite a few others here, my first 'order' was cancelled without me being informed.

Since it is more than 8 weeks since you placed the order and still have no service, I think you should complain to the Ombudsman and get them involved.

I and many others are chasing a £75 reward voucher from Plusnet and I have posted some useful contact emails and address which you will find if you search for posts by Overscore.

Good luck.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No active broadband for nearly 2 months...

Hi @jasontennant


Really sorry for the delays. I've just picked this up and have added a response to your account here:


Please let me know here when you've seen that and have replied back to the ticket. 

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