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No Router, No Contact, no Hope?

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Registered: ‎07-01-2021

No Router, No Contact, no Hope?

So, led by PN's reviews in Which? for "great customer service", I decided to swap to the Unlimited Broadpand package. I was told that I would be swapped over TODAY and that I would be getting a new router sent to me.

Well so much for that. I've heard nothing, there has been no router and judging by other comments on this forum, I'm likely to be left without any internet should my old provider decide to shut me off at midnight tonight.

Also, since I signed up, the cost of the package has now been reduced to £22.99 from £28.99 for new customers. As I've not yet been connected, I'm still a "New Customer" so I WILL be getting the new charge of £22.99 for the duration of my not yet enabled 18 month contract, right?.