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No Broadband activation date

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No Broadband activation date

I began an order with PlusNet for Unlimited Fibre on the 27th August after moving into a new home, and everything seemed to be moving through rather smoothly, with PN taking over my phone line in rather quick order on the 4th September.

However, everything's been silent on the broadband front for a very long time, which is starting to become worrying as I'm settling into my home on the 29th and, well, living without internet is going to be very inconvenient.

I checked my order status, which shows my first payment's gone through, but on the 'Activating Your Line' status it says: "We're waiting for confirmation that your broadband order, due {strCustActivationdate}, has completed". Leaving me with no activation date and no idea what's causing any delay on the back end.

Could you please enlighten me on what's going on? Thank you.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No Broadband activation date

Hi @shadowphoenix, thanks for getting in touch.


I am sorry for the lack of communication there has been surrounding your orders. I've taken a look into the orders and have provided an update via the account for you. This can be seen here



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 Plusnet Help Team