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No Activation Date - What's Going On?

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No Activation Date - What's Going On?

Hi - I signed up at the end of July but I still haven't seen any sign of a router showing up, or even a date in my account. I've tried the online chat but they seem to know nothing and people have more luck on here, could someone help me out and just let me know what's going on? I've just moved into a new property so I'm not switching or anything, which means I've no internet at all at the moment, making work quite a challenge.



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No Activation Date - What's Going On?

Hi @dannycorker


Welcome to the forum!


I do apologise that we have not kept you informed during this process so far.


I have had a look into your order details and would like to give you an update.

You created your order and this was placed automatically by our system with our supplier. This order unfortunately failed and when we replaced the order manually, this rejected advising that there were not enough fibre ports available.


I have now replaced your order and we are monitoring this to see how it progresses, if for whatever reason there is any issues we will contact the supplier and update you as soon as possible.

An order to take over a working line takes a minimum of 10 working days, a fibre activation takes a similar timescale. as a result I have placed a simultaneous order that links them both together so that they will both activate on the same day.


I have attached a link for you to view further details of the order.


I do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused with work and we will monitor this new order accordingly.