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New phone Line Installation Query

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New phone Line Installation Query

Hi, I need to get a second phone line and broadband installed because I am now working from home.  The OpenReach Engineer attended this morning and I showed him where I would like the line to come in.  He said he can't install it there as he can't drill through wood, only brick (it is a wood framed house).  He said he could install it where the existing line comes in, which is right on the other side of the house... where it comes in through a wooden wall.  Is this a recent change?  We're now going to have to run a cable around the house, when the whole point of having the socket near my desk is a short cable so less potential interference in the signal.  Can anyone advise?

The other query is that I was told an engineer visit would be required, but today he said another engineer will need to attend to connect the green box to what he has connected, and that could be another 5 days.  I don't understand why he couldn't do it all?

Thanks - just trying to understand the situation better.

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Re: New phone Line Installation Query

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Re: New phone Line Installation Query

New level of incompetence from O_ Reach. Far easier to drill through wood than masonry; what a stupid policy.