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New order not tracked through Money Saving Expert

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New order not tracked through Money Saving Expert

I signed up through Money Saving Expert and received welcome emails on 7th April 2019. Having not received my Reward Card I made several telephone calls and had an online chat with Plusnet and I was told my order went through on 11th April 2019 and there was no record of a Reward Card. The reason I went with Plusnet was because of the Reward Card incentive.

The Reward Card offer was due to expire on the day I signed up and it looks like Plusnet have changed my sign-up date, even though I have proof that it was earlier than they state, so that they don't have to give me a Reward Card.

Please can someone give me advise on what my next step should be?
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Re: New order not tracked through Money Saving Expert

Hi @MrCam,

I am a customer who also saw the info about the Plusnet Reward Card offer on MSE. However, I did not sign up through MSE. I went to the Plusnet website and signed up on 8th April with the promise of a Reward Card.

The offer I signed up to was for a £75 Reward Card and this offer expired on 9th April - IIRC. If you signed up through MSE then perhaps that was a different offer.

My Plusnet broadband was activated on 29th April and yesterday - 22nd May - I received an email to claim the Reward Card. I submitted the claim and it will take up to 30 days until I receive the Reward Card itself. 


When I sign into my Plusnet account and click View/edit account details - it says:

Joined Plusnet: 8 Apr 2019

If you sign in to Plusnet and check your account details, when does it say you joined?


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New order not tracked through Money Saving Expert

Hi @MrCam,


I'm sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment that this is causing you. I've had a look into this and it's showing that the offer that you signed up for was through our website, rather than an affiliate, and that it didn't include any cashback.


In terms of your sign up date, this isn't something that we are able to change and the welcome email is sent as soon as the order is put through. The date on the welcome email is the sign up date.

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 Emily D
 Plusnet Help Team