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New line+BB installation pushed back by 3 weeks!

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New line+BB installation pushed back by 3 weeks!



I have moved to a new build house and yesterday I ordered a new line install and broadband for installation on 15th August AM.


I got a text message at 8pm indicating that install would be 5th September AM instead, so a delay of 3 weeks.


I understand a delay of a few days, but changing the install from 1 week to 4 weeks later is not really a reasonable delay and is not what I ordered.


Can you change the install back to a more reasonable date? If not please let me know what the cancellation process entails as in that case I will probably go with Virgin Media as they can install within 2 weeks.


BTW, I hung up after waiting more than 15 minutes on the phone to talk about this with customer services. Are these long queues normal?





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Re: New line+BB installation pushed back by 3 weeks!

Long waits are fairly standard.

You are actually allowed to contact BT Openreach directly as a New Build install; other times you

cannot approach directly.

See this link on BT website:

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Re: New line+BB installation pushed back by 3 weeks!

Thanks for that. This is what the Openreach form states, which is not the case here.


"If you've moved into your newly built home, the developer isn't on site and you can't place an order with your chosen service provider use this form to let us know what the problem is."


I have already placed an order under the pretence that it would be installed within a week (or thereabouts). My problem is that the difference between what I was quoted and what I am getting is too much.

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Re: New line+BB installation pushed back by 3 weeks!

Welcome to the community forums @dandodex


Looking over the orders we did place the orders for 15/08/17 as per the provisionally requested appointment on your account, however our suppliers later confirmed 05/09/17 as the expected completion date. This appears to be in connection the the fibre order, however as the orders are linked the phone install was changed to match Undecided


I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to bring the date forward as our suppliers would provide the earliest available date following the requested date, should the requested date not be achievable.


I'm sorry to hear you're wanting to cancel because of this. I'd have to recommend you give our Customer Options Team a call on 0800 013 2632, selecting the option of thinking of leaving to discuss this further.

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