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New fiber order - no setup date + no router

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New fiber order - no setup date + no router


I recently signed up for a new broadband (fibre) with plusnet moving in a new flat.

I've signed up on Aug 29th. I've been told during the process that setup should happen on Friday Sept 11th (so yesterday).

Nothing happened yesterday. I haven't got in touch by an anyone from

While digging into the client section, I figured out the order tracker (why is it not on the main dashboard when you login as a new customer?? no idea) and figured out that my order is stuck in step 3/8

We've found a potential problem on your telephone line. We'll look into this and will be in contact with you shortly.

Obviously nobody from contacted me at all.

Then, I also figured out the wizard help and found out 2 tickets that the order has been cancelled.

There's been a problem progressing your broadband order.

We'll get some more information on the problem and update this ticket with details as soon as we have them.

[internal note]
Order has been cancelled. Please check Install Diary and resubmit order once issue is resolved. 


I've tried to reach @plusnethelp on Twitter and absolute no response as well. No need to say that the phone support is useless as well.

No need to say that first customer service impression with is not very good (least to say) and quite inefficient and I am clueless on what next step to do.
Anyone can help with advise? Or if anyone from Plusnet staff reads me, the is a message in a bottle 🙂

- SHould I wait until Plusnet support contact me?

- Or do I need to wait 1+hour on the line for the customer service?

- Or just look for another ISP?


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Re: New fiber order - no setup date + no router

Hi @seropianthomas 

Phoning and choosing "Technicle Support" or "Thinking of leaving" usually gets through for me. Don't wait for an hour but terminate the call after 15 minutes and try again