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New customer - no broadband!

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Registered: ‎24-03-2020

New customer - no broadband!

Hi, I am a new customer transferring from EE who have now terminated their service. I have my new Plusnet router but no activation info. As I am working from home because of Corona virus, having no internet is a problem. I can’t get through on the helpline and I just want to know how long I will be without internet - I need to let my employer know!

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Registered: ‎24-03-2020

Re: New customer - no broadband!

Same here, transferring from BT, havent even had a router sent and now I have no Internet.
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Re: New customer - no broadband!

If you can get into your emails through another data source take a look into anything plusnet have sent you-that should tell you an activation date.

Is the router showing active? If it's the hub one, you want a solid blue light. The hub zero it's a solid broadband light. If that's the case, you may need to manually authenticate the router as follows:

Connect a device either by the ethernet cable or wifi

Open an internet browser, and go to to access the router pages.

Click on either settings in the hub one, or basic settings on the zero

Enter the admin/router password found on the card that comes with router, or on the stickers on the routers themselves

For hub one, click enter broadband username and password option. Hub zero will default to basic broadband settings which is where we want to be.

Click any disconnect button that presents and you'll get options for a username and password

Enter your broadband username as and the password is your account password (whatever you use to access the member centre).

Click connect and you should be online.

If you dont have the solid blue or broadband light however then I'm a little concerned about something-did you tell EE you were leaving? Chances are a lot of orders and transfers will be delayed at the moment, but I'm the event of a transfer order both the cease of the old service and the start of the new would move together. If however you've cancelled with EE and they placed a cease on the back of your request, that would have actually stopped the transfer, as their order would over-ride the plusnet one. In that case nothing can be done except plusnet placing a new service order now the EE order is cleared.

If the first option is the situation here, there's further guidance on router set up on the help pages on this site. Your username will be on any email plusnet has sent and if needs be you can reset your password from the member centre log in page.

If it's the second option, then best advice I can give is bite the bullet and stay on hold. That will need attention from the centre. Considering the almost certain staff shortages you'll likely be waiting some time for it to be picked up in the queue, and that's before an order is placed.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New customer - no broadband!

Thanks for getting in touch @Jillbo

I can see you've spoken with our support team who managed to get this resolved for you

Let us know if you have any further issues

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